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Strike It Rich with Pocket Change
Book Review by Jan M. Dyroff
Brian Allen and Ken Potter. Iola: Krause Publications. 2006. $16.99.

In this case, the title tells it all. The authors do a really fine job of introducing us to the world of errors, and to the terms and lingo used by error collectors. The idea is that there are valuable imperfect coins in the change, and upon reading this book you will know what to look for and how to talk about it.

As with most other Krause book, this one is carefully illustrated – as it would have to be to show the fine points of an error coin. Realistically, the authors suggest value ranges for grades, and they do try to explain the characteristics of a “rare bird” (I’m thinking of a variety of the Eisenhower dollar that can only be identified by weight). In fine, this would be another great gift, one which would expand a collector’s awareness and, perhaps, bank account.
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